Video Poker

Video Poker is a game that requires some skills in order to be able to play it. In addition to many players it closes the gap between slot machines and table games. It’s still very nice and very easy to play, and you do have the ability to maximize your profits by influencing the game. This makes the game more fun and exciting. In most casinos video poker machines have a lower house advantage than the regular online slot machines. When video poker machines first appeared in casinos, there you could only play ”Jack or better” or draw poker on it. Today there are over a hundred variations of the game which can all be played online as well.

How to Play it

Video poker is derived from draw poker and has the same rules, except that you are not playing against other players but against a machine. The machine will deal five cards on the screen. If the player wants he can accept these five new cards. The player keeps the cards that they wish to keep by pressing the “hold” button that appears with each card. If the player has made a choice he presses the “deal” button and the selected cards will be replaced for new cards. The result of the game is determined when the final hand is completed. The player can see on the payout schedule (which is displayed on the screen), how much he wins. Video poker machines have nicer and better graphics than the usual slot machines and offer a visually more attractive and more exciting gaming experience.

The payout schedule

The major advantage that video poker has over other slot machines is that the profits of the game can be calculated by the payout schedule which is situated at the front of the machine. Most video poker machines use the combinations that can arise from a set of 52 cards. There are some joker poker games, using one or two jokers in the pack cards. The Game “Deuces Wild” for example, uses 52 cards, but the two’s are wild cards. The payout of the machine for each winning combination can be made on the basis of the number of combinations that can be made with the used cards.

Possible combinations in Video Poker

From a deck of 52 cards there are 2,598,960 possible combinations. The program in a video poker machine is set in order to stimulate the probability of these combinations getting picked. Since this is a set probability, the casino can set the machine in a way so that a home advantage exists. There are software programs, books and online information available, with relevant information so you can work out the payments of each table. If you know how to read a payout table, you can pick the machine with the most chance of success.

Online slot machines with skills

Many players start playing at online slot machines. It is advisable to give video poker a try and stick to video poker. Why is online video poker one of the best machines to play on? Basically, it has all the fun and excitement of a regular slot machine, only now you have the opportunity to use some skills in order to influence the game in your advantage. Many players who want to boost their bankroll, play video poker!