Seven Card Stud

7 Card Stud Poker begins with each player receiving three cards, one card face up and two cards face down. The player with the lowest card face up is obligated to place the ‘bring-in’ bet. The bring-in is a forced bet, just like the blinds. Most Seven Card Stud games also use antes, apart from the bring-in bet. This is why the bring-in bet in Stud games is usually smaller than the blinds in the most other board games. Anyway, once the bring-in bet is placed, the player on the left side of the bring-in player have the option to call, raise or fold.

The first betting round

The action continues around the table until each player has had his turn, after which the next up card is dealt. This card, also known as 4th Street, is followed by a betting round. The betting round continues with the 5th street, also an up card. Next is the 6th Street, followed by another betting round and the final card, the 7th Street. 7th street is also dealt face up, and eventually the last betting round takes place. If after the final betting round at least two players remain a showdown needs to take place. Here, the players expose their cards, and the player with the best five card hand wins the pot.

Difference with other Stud variants

The standard way Seven Card Stud usually played, is virtually similar to how Stud is played in general. The only real difference is the number of cards that each player gets dealt, before they actually start playing. Most Seven Card Stud rules are also the same as the general Seven Card Stud rules. The only differences lie in the in the number of cards used in playing the game.

The biggest difference is that in Stud you only use 5 of the 7 stud cards of your hand, while in Five Card Stud the whole hand is used. This makes 7 Card Stud very similar to Hold’em also the reason why it is a very popular game. The game can benefit from the popularity of Texas Hold’em in a way that Five Card Stud cannot.