Video Poker Tips

“Online Video Poker Tips”

Online video poker is one of a number of games that allows players in live casinos to make a seamless transition. Casino games like video keno, slots and video poker are nearly indistinguishable from their online counterparts. However, there are some advantages to playing video poker online as opposed to in a casino. It’s important for a good online video poker player to take advantage of these.

Online Video Poker Strategy Charts

Like blackjack, there are some clear strategy decisions in online video poker that can greatly minimize the House edge and increase your chances to win. Since there are many more possibilities in video poker than there are in blackjack, such a chart can become very unwieldy to operate in a live casino. When playing online video poker, however, it’s easy. Just find a good guide, open it up in a separate window and refer to it whenever you play. There’s no pressure to act quickly and no fumbling with a physical chart.

Online Video Poker Strategy Ideas

If you don’t want to work from a chart or are having trouble finding the information you need, remember that usually you want to go for high odds over high payout. That is to say, you generally want to keep a good hand that pays a moderate amount, rather than break it up and go for a hand that pays much more but is harder to hit.

Online Video Poker Payouts

To maximize your chances, be sure to look for online video poker games with the best payout odds. These odds vary from game to game. You may need to do some research to determine what the best odds are. However, the standard best pay chart for a Jacks or Better game (you need at least a pair of jacks to get a payout) offers nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush. These are 9/6 machines. Full pay for other games will be different because flushes and full houses will be easier to get in video poker games that include wild cards.