Poker Tips

“Some Great Poker Tips”

Poker and online poker differs from many other casino games in that you need skill and wits to win the game, not just luck. Even seasoned pros can gain from reading a few poker tips from time to time. Let’s start off by looking at tips on why it’s important to sometimes play in loose rooms. Loose rooms are very popular with many a player because the guys and gals who play this type of wide open style usually doesn’t care much about the game and are therefore prone to making mistakes.

Loose rooms often involve many players whose total Texas Hold’em strategy involves tossing money at the game until their budgets, bank accounts, and savings are all empty. These loose rooms involve very big pots and a lot of action. Skilled players have a really big advantage here, a bit like skilled hunters shooting at caged, obese deer. If you are a seasoned player and have the patience to hold your fire until you get premium hole cards, you will find these loose rooms very profitable most of the time.

There are of course a couple of problems with this strategy of waiting for some high value cards. Firstly, it can be damn boring, and secondly you will telegraph your hand. What I mean is that players will notice if you only play with premium cards (and they don’t) and you will therefore get very little action when you do make a move. It is therefore a good Texas Hold’em strategy to set up your opponents in order for you to steal blinds more readily later in the game. If you are looking to get the big pots you will have to sometimes go in with drawing hands.

One of the best poker tips that I can offer you for a no limit hold’em game, is to get in quite cheaply from a late position. You will want 2 or more other callers in the hand; as this will give you the right pot odds. Consider ditching the hand if you don’t flop something good. There is no point in chasing pots of gold at the end of rainbows in a loose no limit game. Throwing good cash after bad is a terrible Texas hold’em strategy from any viewpoint. But remember that even if you lose, the fold will help you to set up that when you do have great cards; other players won’t instantly fold when you do decide to play the hand.

My last tip is to consider that sometimes things that appear to be very real can be a total illusion. What I mean is that while playing at very low limits is a great method to learn the mechanics of the game; you should not expect high limits games to work in the same fashion. Low-Limit games are different because they don’t have any real inherent risk. Losing a quarter because you made a mistake will hardly teach you not to do it again. Do start with low-limit games but work your way up gradually to bigger denominations instead of jumping from quarter to $20 games.