Poker Bonuses Versus Rakeback

“Poker Bonuses and Rakeback Comparison”

When playing poker online you should definitely take advantage of the poker room promotions. A small part of each pot is taken out by the poker room to cover the costs of these promotions. This is called rake – a commission fee taken by the poker room for operating a poker game. The amount paid in rake can add up quickly, and many players pay large amounts of dollars each month in rake to the poker room. There are two ways to get a part of this money back.

Poker Bonuses

First, we have the poker bonuses offered by almost all online poker rooms to attract new costumers. For these poker bonuses you will need to make a deposit before you can clear the bonus. How much money you will get back depends on the poker room. At some poker rooms you will get back less than 25 percent of your rake while others give you more than 150 percent. In general, poker bonuses are usually around 50 – 75% of the amount a player has raked, leaving the poker room with a small profit.


The second way to get a part of your money back is ‘rakeback’. Depending on the poker room you can usually get between 25 and 30 percent, sometimes even more. Each month you will receive the money in your poker account. How much rakeback you will get depends on how much rake you pay. For example, if you pay $1,000 in rake and you have 25% rakeback, you will get $1,000 x 0.25 = $250 in rakeback. Even at the lower limits this amount will add up quickly since you pay a higher percentage of each pot in rake than on higher limits. This means that even low limit players can pay much money to the poker room each month.

Both poker bonuses and rakeback are a great way to expand your bankroll. If you like to play at one particular poker room it is a good idea to get a good rakeback deal since not all poker rooms offer reload bonuses. If you would like to get more of your money back you should go for poker bonuses. For example, a standard poker player who plays $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em pays about $400 in rake in 5000 hands. The standard rakeback deal gives you around 25% making you receive roughly $100 in rakeback.
The standard poker bonus, however, will get you more money back. As mentioned before, the standard poker bonus is around 75% of the rake paid. The same player would receive $300 in poker bonuses, so you can see how much better bonuses are than standard rakeback deals.

To take advantage of the sign-up bonuses just open an account in a new poker room. Once you have played enough hands, withdraw your bonus and open up an account at a new poker room. Keep doing this at all poker rooms and you will receive a lot more than all rakeback deals offer. Once you have exhausted all sign-up bonuses, you can go for the reload bonuses. There will always be a new poker bonus to clear.