Picking The Right Poker Table

“Great Tips on How To Choose The Right Poker Table”

Whilst in the poker room lobby you will see hundreds of tables of all varying limits, varieties of poker and sizes. It is very easy to become confused and pick the first table that your eye catches. This is a sure fire way to lose money and that is obviously the worse outcome in poker.


The lobby gives the most valuable information a poker player can get on a table before even seeing a hand been played. There are always two columns by the side of a table called “% Of Players On The Flop” and “Average Pot Size”. Many players oversee this information and it is a very bad mistake.

Players To The Flop

“% Of Players On The Flop” gives a player information on how loose or tight a table is. Obviously if the % is higher the table will be looser and if the % is lower the table will be tighter. Depending on your style of play either higher or lower % could be better. If you are a tight player who doesn’t play many hands a higher % would suit you. This means when you get a hand many players will call, meaning a bigger pot for you to take down. If you are a loose player and like to raise before the flop then a lower % will be more suitable. This will enable you to take down a lot of pots before the flop by raising it up as players will be too tight to call you.

Average Pot Size

Average Pot Size is a good piece of information as it shows how aggressive the players are. If the pot is high it means the players are much more aggressive and will put their money in when they may not have a very strong hand.

Type of game

You also need to find the right type of poker you want to play. If you lose patience very easily a turbo game may be best for you. This is where each player has less amount of time to make there decisions and produces many more hands per hour then a normal game. Also a 6-max table is available. Players need to adjust their style of play for this type of game and become more aggressive. There are also different variations of poker such as Omaha, Stud and HORSE, all of which are available on most sites which you can read more about on the internet.