Online Poker Tells

“Online Poker Tells: Preset Actions”

Uncovering online poker tells in poker is mainly a matter of understanding betting patterns. Since you cannot visually observe your opponents and their mannerisms, all you really have to go on is how fast, slow or often they bet. Fortunately, you can convey a great deal of information in this manner in a number of different ways. One such way is through preset actions.

What Are Preset Actions in Online Poker?

In live poker, you cannot announce your actions before it is your turn. You may know well in advance whether you are going to call, raise or fold, but to let the table know would be giving an unfair advantage to those who act before you. In poker online, your screen will have buttons that let you indicate what you will do in advance. Since no one can see your screen, no one can gain an advantage. This is convenient if you are playing multiple tables, or wish to get up from the table for a few moments.

How Can Preset Actions Be an Online Poker Tell?

Observe when opponents use preset actions. If a player calls instantly, this may mean he had his preset on “call.” This may indicate he is on a drawing hand and planned to call no matter what the action was before him to try to hit his draw. In a limit game, a preset raise may indicate a made hand that is vulnerable and wishes to discourage draws.

How Can a Player Take Advantage of Preset Action Tells?

As with all tells, you will need to determine if the behavior is truly indicative of something or just coincidental. Generate a theory and observe the player over time. If you feel his actions conform to your theory, act accordingly.