Clearing Poker Bonuses

“How to clear a poker bonus”

There are more than hundred online poker rooms, each with different poker bonus offers and clearance rates. Before selecting a poker bonus a person needs to know certain aspects of the bonus such as the playthrough requirements and the terms and conditions.

Poker bonuses with low requirements are usually easiest to clear but watch out – some bonuses have low requirements but are very hard to clear. Also, The size and match of the bonus are not as relevant as you might think. These aspects have nothing to do with the clearance rate of a poker bonus. There are three important aspects that a person need to know about a bonus.

The number of raked hands/points that are needed for $1 in bonus money.

These numbers can be found in the terms and conditions. This means how many points or raked hands are needed to clear each dollar of bonus money. So for a $200 bonus with 10 raked hands per $1 means 2000 raked hands need to be played before the bonus is credited to the players account. Make sure to look at the definition of a raked hand or point in our poker bonuses section.

How easy these raked hands or points are earned at the players stakes

Usually, raked hands count when a hand is raked more than $0.25 or $0.50 which depends on the poker network. This means that the pot has to be over $5 in order to receive a raked hand.
Poker points are awarded for a certain minimum amount raked from the pot. For example, this can be 0.10 points for each $0.10 raked from the pot.
How easy these raked hands requirements are fulfilled depends heavily on the players’ stakes.

Contributed and non-contributed bonuses

For a contributed bonus a player has to contribute to the pot in order to receive a raked hand or point.
On the contrary, for a non contributed bonus points or raked hands also count when a person has not contributed to the pot. Contributed bonuses are usually not easy to clear.

The clearance rate of the bonus depends heavily on the stakes the bonus is being cleared at.
Poker bonuses clear faster on higher limits because online poker rooms earn more rake at these levels.
It can be very hard to find the best bonuses and therefore we have selected the easiest bonuses and put them in our bonus rankings.