Bankroll Management

“How To Manage Your Bankroll”

The money a person has available for poker, and other gambling games, is called a bankroll.
The swings in poker can be brutal and without proper bankroll management no one can handle these swings. Especially for a player who is moving up in limits, bankroll management is one of the most important factors.
There are a number of factor that decide how large your bankroll should be.

Poker Variant

There are different bankroll requirements for each poker variant. For Limit Texas Hold’em many poker players suggest a 400 big bet minimum as a bankroll. For No Limit Texas Hold’em on the other hand, a 2,000 big blinds minimum is accepted as a good size. In terms of big blinds a person needs a larger bankroll for No Limit Texas Hold’em than any other poker variant.

Stakes and limits

The higher the stakes, the higher variance becomes. Players are better at higher stakes and edges on other players are smaller. The games are more aggressive and money goes in much lighter. This means variances becomes higher and a persons bankroll should be adjusted to this.

Player Style

To know your player style is very important for bankroll management. Loose Aggressive players’ bankroll should be much larger than a Tight Aggressive players’ bankroll. These players tend to play more hands and get their money in the pot in marginal situations. This increases variance and chances of going broke are higher.

The swings in all poker variants can be large and sometimes a player goes broke due to long streaks of bad luck. This is why you should always keep a large enough bankroll and be prepared to step down to a lower limit when this streak of bad luck occurs. Players should always remember to look at these three factor to decide how large their bankroll should be. The players’ bankroll needs to fit with the poker variant, player style, and limits. To increase your bankroll fast please take a look at our poker bonuses.