Avoiding Tilt in Poker

“How to avoid going on tilt in poker”

Tilt can bring even some of the best poker players to ruin. It doesn’t matter if you know how to play poker perfectly; if you let your emotions get the better of you, you may be headed for disaster. Players who wish to survive the ups and downs of poker need to learn ways to handle tilt.

Understanding Tilt in Poker

Remember that there would be no good poker players without bad players. All online poker stats show that a player who gets his money in bad will be a winner in the long run. If they never hit those lucky cards like the two outer that just lost you your stack, they would never come back to the table and games would stop being profitable.

Defusing Tilt in Poker

Sometimes, you just can’t help getting upset and think “I will never play another hand at full tilt.” When a player who is continually doing the wrong thing is building his stack while you are playing correctly and getting unlucky, even the toughest of us may lose our cool. When you go on tilt, learn to recognize it.

If you’re entering pots with bad players “just to show them,” or deciding, “I can’t win with good cards, might as well play bad ones like everyone else,” you are probably on tilt. Get up and take a walk. Grab a snack or a drink. Give yourself time to calm down and remember that good players take more bad beats than bad ones. Return to the table only when you have regained your composure and feel ready to play.