Poker Games

In the recent years online poker has conquered the world, therefore everyone wants to learn the poker rules. Worldwide, the game has received imagination and interest of millions of people. Poker is one of the most popular card game in the world, most likely the most popular card game. This is mainly due to the popularity of the World Series of Poker and the easy accessibility to online casinos.

The relative easiness with regard to learning the rules, is one of the reasons that poker is so popular. The main concepts of the game are learnable within a few minutes for beginning poker players. Nevertheless, let us not run ahead of things. To master the poker game, years of experience and research on strategies are necessary. When you start playing poker and just are getting used to the game, a simple list of poker rules and concepts follow below. The following poker games are the ones which are best known:

Texas Holdem
Omaha Poker
Seven Card Stud
Five Card Draw
Razz Poker
Badugi Poker
Caribbean Stud
Lowball Poker
Pai Gow Poker

Most poker games are played with a number of community cards which are used by all players and therefore are visible to all players. Once the game starts each player gets two cards dealt faced down at the table. All actions and bets immediately begin thereafter. Each player receives a number of options, call the bet, raise the bets, or fold the cards (discard). This gives every player the chance to make a move until everyone has made his turn.

At the time the first betting round has finished, there are three cards in the middle of the table faced up. That is. these cards are visible for everyone. The cards which are already in your possession and cannot be seen by no one, now can be used by you. The idea is to create the best combination of five cards combined with the three community cards.

A round of betting begins when the three community cards are displayed. After the betting round, another card is added next to the three community cards that are already on the table. Now there follows a round of betting. This process is repeated as long as there are five community cards on the table. Once all five community cards are on the table another betting round follows. At the end of this betting round, all players still in the game show their hands after which is determined who has the best poker combination of five cards. This player wins the entire pot which has gradually been made during the betting rounds and can be found in the middle of the table.

Of course there is a lot of practice needed to become successful in the world of online poker. In addition, you will have to develop your own strategy and you should consider mastering a few other key details, such as card rankings and blinds, just to name but a few. Now you have learned the basic poker rules it’s time to start practicing, good luck!