Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud Poker is a variant of the normal five-card poker, played much both online as in real casinos. Below is a brief summary of how the game should be played. Each player starts with placing a bet, with an option to place an additional bet on the progressive side.

Course of the game

Each player gets five cards, similar the dealer. All cards are dealt face down and with the dealer one card is dealt face up. After everyone has had the opportunity to evaluate their cards it should be decided whether to play or to fold, just like the normal poker game. Players who fold, lose all the money which has already been put in. To raise a player must pay his bet twice. The dealer turns around the last remaining four cards and compares these with the other players. The card values and combinations are exactly the same as in a normal poker game. Only the conditions for the dealer are different. This is where the Caribbean Poker game differs from other poker games.

The dealer at least needs a combination of an Ace and a King in order to play. If the dealer has a less combination than this combination meant previously, every player wins the same amount as his current bet. The player gets back possible raises. On the other hand, when the dealer qualifies himself, he wins both the bet and the raise. If the dealer qualifies but loses anyway, players get twice the amount of the bet paid and the raise is paid according to the table. It´s best to review the payout schedules before you start playing. If a tie occurs, then both bets seen are considered as equal and are repaid. The progressive bet is paid according to a separate table, which can also vary.


In Caribbean Stud Poker, players can make a side bet of $1,- which are paid out only for hands like a Flush or better. The payout schedules vary, but there is always a possibility of winning the entire progressive jackpot if you have a Royal Flush, or 10% of the jackpot if you have a Straight Flush.

If two players at the same time have a Royal Flush, the player closest to the right of the dealer button wins. The second player wins the second jackpot. In most casinos this is set at a fixed amount of $ 10,000, – but it can vary. This method is used because the order of play is set from right to left from the dealer. If two players have a Straight Flush, the player to the right of the dealer gets 10% of the jackpot and the other player gets 10% of the remaining amount of the jackpot.

Although at first glance this appears to be a good investment to put in a dollar, in order to win the jackpot, you’ll probably never see the dollar getting paid out. The chance is quite small that you will have such a hand in the game.

Caribbean Stud Strategy

The strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker is very complicated and only the most experienced players can use these. The general rule is that you should always raise when you have a pair or higher, and you should always fold when you have less than the hand with which the dealer must qualify itself.