The rules of bingo typically vary from site to site, but here are some general rules that every player should know. A bingo card contains 24 numbers and a free space, all arranged in a grid. There are five horizontal lines and five vertical columns. Above these five columns of numbers, the word “bingo” is spelled with a letter above each column. There are random numbers drawn from one to seventy-five. The numbers under the B are from1-15, under the I from 16-30. Among the N from 31-45 (plus a free space). Under the G: 46-60 and 61-75 are part of the O. The free space is covered before the game starts and is a freebie for the player to get started. The numbers are shown or called as B12, I27, N38 etc.

The course of the bingo game

After each number is called, the player looks at his or her card number and highlights the number if it exists on the card. This goes on until one player has completed its required pattern necessary for victory. These patterns can vary from game to game. The most common pattern is to cover one full line or column. There is played with many different patterns in bingo. Before you start the game, make sure you get yourself familiar with the pattern required for a victory.


If the player has covered the required pattern, he or she has won. In a real bingo hall “BINGO!” must be shouted in such a case. By doing this, a player makes clear that he or she has covered this pattern. If online bingo is played, the player should tick the “BINGO” button somewhere in the window.

At some bingo sites, BINGO is automatically called on behalf of the player, meaning the player does not need to press the button. In any bingo game, the first player to cover the pattern wins. Of course, it should be verified whether all numbers have actually been called. If the game is played online, usually the card is checked immediately. In a bingo hall the bingo card is checked by the bingo master. The player(s) who win the jackpot will be share the jackpot, or win the full jackpot. Bingo is a very easy game to play but has a lot of variations. Always make sure you know all the rules related to the game.